Teddy Bears

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35cm Green Turtle Teddy Bear pillow

35cm green turtle teddy bear pillowthis cute guy can be used as a teddy bear and pillow..

R300.00 R120.00 Ex Tax: R120.00

35cm Hippo Teddy

Baby hippo teddy perfect companion for your kids..

R300.00 R100.00 Ex Tax: R100.00

35cm Llama Pink And White Teddy Bear

35cm Llama pink and white teddy bear everybody loves llama teddy bearsbut cute ones are hard to fine..

R500.00 R180.00 Ex Tax: R180.00

40cm Blue Elephent teddy Bear

40cm long The cutest elephant in the jungle..

R400.00 R100.00 Ex Tax: R100.00

45cm Green Turtle Teddy Bear Pillow

45cm green turtle teddy bear pillow..

R350.00 R170.00 Ex Tax: R170.00

45cm Zebra Teddy Bear

45cm zebra teddy bearthe perfect teddy for your kids to play with..

R300.00 R140.00 Ex Tax: R140.00

48cm Brown And White Llama Teddy Bear

colour brown and whitesize 45cm longa very unique teddy bearhard to find in storesthe cutest teddy b..

R600.00 R180.00 Ex Tax: R180.00

50cm Dolphin Pillow Teddy Bear

a small cute dolphin pillowperfect for your small oneslight and small easy to carry arounda adorable..

R350.00 R155.00 Ex Tax: R155.00

53cm Lobster Pillow Teddy Bear

53cm lobster teddy bear pillowstuffed lobster pillow, adorable and softyour kids will truly adore cu..

R500.00 R175.00 Ex Tax: R175.00

55cm Carrot Teddy Bear Pillow

55cm orange carrot teddy bear pillowthis cute orange carrot pillow will give your children comfort a..

R450.00 R150.00 Ex Tax: R150.00

55cm Grey Teddy With A Pink Scarf

cute soft, and the perfect teddy bear for hugging and snuggling amazing teddy bear to brighten your ..

R600.00 R180.00 Ex Tax: R180.00

55cm Snoozy Poodle Teddy Bear

The cutest and most adorable poodle teddy bear  you can ever lay your hands on.she's cutes..

R400.00 R130.00 Ex Tax: R130.00

58cm Pink Love Teddy Bear

our high quality teddy bear is an ideal gift for loved ones and very popular as a gift for special o..

R800.00 R300.00 Ex Tax: R300.00

60cm Green Turtle Teddy Bear Pillow

60cm green turtle teddy bear pillowthis awesome plush turtle can be used as a teddy bear and pillow..

R550.00 R250.00 Ex Tax: R250.00